Giveaways and Parties

Wow, what a busy few weeks since our last blog post! Not only do we see patients all day, we also engage in the community weekly. From visiting schools, to story-time’s at the library, we believe in educating children in many different forums. This blog post is to update you on all of the happenings that are current and upcoming. We encourage you to participate in any of them that you choose or none at all, and that is okay. One thing we understand, is the never ending job of a parent. Schedules can be very busy for some, probably all, so doing even more is a challenge.

We have implemented a new and fun aspect of “The Dentist” to our practice. At least once a month, we host an event here at the office and it is always geared to entertain the children. So far, we have had a special Toothy story-time presented by Cellar Door Books, Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration with Officers from the Riverside Police Department reading books to the children, Earth day painting, and our very big and very fun first birthday party. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to what we have going on!


Mother’s Day Craft Party on 5/4/16

Mother's Day Craft Party


Because, without mom’s, we wouldn’t have patients to care for, so it is our pleasure to host a special craft night where your child/ren can create a very special gift just for mom! You can purchase tickets online, Purchase Tickets here, but do know there is a little bit of an up-charge. Tickets are $5 and that includes the child’s craft and a special gift bag to take it home in. You are welcome to come in and purchase the tickets with cash or card before the event or call and pay over the phone with credit card at 951-222-2240. We only have a limited amount of tickets available, so be sure to purchase yours before they sell out! All ages are welcome!

You can RSVP to the event on our Facebook event page Here:

Facebook Event



Who doesn’t like winning a prize? We currently have three raffles going on and you are welcome to enter all three! We also have a referral program.

Referral Program


Each time you refer a patient to us and they schedule an appointment, we will send you a $10 gift-card to Starbucks. You can earn as many as you wish! No limit! Seriously, it’s that simple! The day the visit the office, is the day we send your gift-card.


Social Media Review Raffle

CAFE (1)

When you leave us a review on FacebookYelp or Google you will be entered into raffle with a chance at winning a new toy for your little one/s. We choose a new winner each month.


Mother’s Day Basket Raffle


We love ALL moms and each one deserves to be pampered for a day! In honor of Mother’s Day, we are giving away a one hour massage or facial at The Spa @ Canyon Crest, valued at $75. To enter, we ask that you share our Facebook page on your feed. Once you have done so, please comment Here with the word “Shared”. You may share once a day for additional entries. We will choose a winner on the Monday following Mother’s Day.


Teacher Appreciation Giveaway


We feel that teacher’s are just as important as Doctor’s, therefore, we would like to honor one special teacher. To enter all you have to do is email us at mdmmarketing309@gmail and include: Your name, Child’s name, Teacher’s Name, School and a short description as to why you nominate the teacher. We will choose one lucky teacher and and will hand deliver the prize basket to their classroom with a special thank you note from you and your child. The basket includes what you see and the Target Gift card has a value of  $40. The only rule is that the school must be in the city of Riverside.

Whew…that was a lot! We hope you made it through this whole post in one piece. Please feel free to participate in any of the above events or giveaways.



Who’s Ready for Some Toothy Posts?


We're Back!

Wow! What an incredible 12 months this has been! Sorry we have been absent; we have been optimizing every second we’ve had with our patients and staff! The last year has brought us many memories, changes, lessons and new relationships. In February, our practice turned ONE! In March, we celebrated with a huge birthday bash. Did you attend the party? If so, did you have fun? I hope so! Our office is becoming our dream come true one day at a time.

Here, at My Dentist & Me, it is our wonderful staff that makes us the true success we have become. Let me introduce you…Dr. Kim and Dr. Min are the ROCKSTAR Pediatric Dentist’s whose visions created the BEST children’s dental office in Riverside. Okay, maybe I’m biased, but I’m sure 100% of our readers agree with me, right? Assisting the Doctor’s are the very talented, patient, gentle and kind Dental Assistants…Maria, Christine and Brooke! Greeting the patients, managing the phones, and making sure Insurance companies are staying on task, is the very sweet, beautiful and caring Dinorah. Behind the scenes and engaging in the community is the talented and social Miss Veronica. We are an incredible team!

20160318_085330IMG_7367 (1)

I have many things in store for the future of this blog, but more importantly our office. From educational and informative to silly and entertaining posts, you will also see all of the events we partake in in the community as well as the events we host here in office. That’s right, we host some very fun events. Just last month, to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we had two Riverside Police Officers here reading Dr. Seuss books to the many children in attendance. We have many more fun events to look forward to, so be sure to follow us on the button to the right. Beginning in May, we will start hosting birthday parties here in the office. Crazy idea right? I know  you’re thinking…”who on earth would want to have a party at the dentist?”. I can see the look on your face, it’s bewildering. Let me warn you…you will want your child’s next party here! I can’t wait to post more about this. Stay tuned….

Well, thank you so much for reading this post and getting updated on the past and future of My Dentist & Me. I look forward to what is in store, here on the blog as well is in the office and I hope you all will join along in the journey.

Happy Monday all!



What sets us apart?

What sets My Dentist and Me Apart From Others?

 A common question we get is how are we different from others? In addition to having a kid friendly office with TV’s, x-box and toys, we believe that keeping up with dental technology is very important. It is imperative that we stay up-to-date on the latest equipment to make your child’s visit pain free and pleasant. We have listed below our latest tools to make your child’s experience the most comfortable

The Wand


One of the scariest aspect of getting treatment is the shot. The Wand releases a computerized dose of anesthetic. This allows the injection process to be pain free. A lot of the times, kids don’t know we gave them a shot! In addition, because it literally looks like a wand, children do not get scared of its appearance

The Nomad X-ray


The Nomad x-ray machine is a hand-held x-ray machine that can take x-rays on any child even if they move a little bit! It adapts to the child’s position so we can quickly get an image, no matter how difficult!

Electric Handpieces

electric hp

At our office we have different handpieces then the normal. Our handpieces are powered by electricity and cut more efficiently. This means that we can get the work done faster! Also, they don’t make the “loud drill noise” that most kids hate! These handpieces are much quieter and sound much more pleasant!

IsoDry Suction


This is so cool! We describe it as the “jellyfish” and it uses a great suction so the dentist can work in a clear environment. Our children enjoy it because they don’t feel like gagging! Also, sometimes, this suction allows us the ability to eliminate the need for shots!

EZ-Pedo Crowns


If you need a crown placed on a tooth, it is important that it is good quality.  EZ-Pedo crowns are metal free. They are made of zirconium, which is a natural material that is not only very strong, but also very esthetic! These crowns give us the best of both worlds: strength and esthetics.  They are also lined with deep retention grooves that not only locks bacteria out but pretty much guarantees they rarely come off!

Gendex Sensor


At our office, we have digital sensors that are made for children! Not only is the radiation less compared to using film, the sensors have rounded corners and smooth edge finish to comfortable fit into the mouth! Kids never have a hard time taking pictures! In addition, the sensors capture the image in amazing clarity and detail which means our doctors will never miss a thing!



We have nitrous oxide! This is a mild form of sedation for children may be nervous or anxious! Nitrous Oxide is 100% safe to use during treatment and is eliminated from the body after the gas is turned off.  It is a lifesaver for some of our anxious patients!

Now Open!

We are now open! What an exciting time it is for our office! We have spent so much time making this office look perfect and now it is ready to show. We (Dr Kim and Dr Min) love reading and wanted this office to be a “book” theme. Reading to our children is such a great gift we can give. Throughout the office, you will see children book themes and quotes from our favorite books. Here is a sample of our solar wall from The Little Prince! Enjoy! And come visit!  5225 Canyon Crest Drive Suite 309 Riverside, CA 92507. 951-222-2240





Coming soon!

We are so excited to be coming soon!  Our vision for this practice is to provide state-of-the art pediatric dentistry with a whole bunch of love! Our dream is coming close to a reality. Stay Tuned! Until then, here is a picture of our coming soon sign! 983661_10152660630250101_2749040733406941228_n